Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sexy men

Hollywood and the media have lists of
"The Sexiest Men"
in Hollywood,
in the US,
in the world.
And they make these lists
and promote the idea
that in order to be sexy,
one has to be famous
with chiseled looks
and washboard abs.
Now those are nice to look at,
don't get me wrong,
but I have a different definition
of sexy.
What is sexy?
Sexy is a man who will
cook me dinner
or take me out to eat
not because it's a special occasion,
but because I worked all day
am just too tired to think about cooking
or because it's Wednesday.
Sexy is a man who will
do a load of laundry
(and even fold them!).
Sexy is a man who will
clean the kitchen
without being asked
or nagged
or begged.
Sexy is a man who will
do minor repairs around the house,
bail me out of trouble,
help those in need.
Sexy is a man who will
let me have a girls' night out
without complaining
or trying to guilt me out of it.
Sexy is a man who will
watch the kids while I am
at work,
working late,
or out with my friends.
Sexy is a man who will
stay home
with a sick kid
so I can go to work
on a day I just can't miss.
Sexy is a man who will
encourage me,
believe in me,
and help me achieve my goals
or do my very best.
Sexy is a man who will
get my warped sense of humor,
hold my hand,
dry my tears,
hug me,
kiss me,
sex me up,
and love me always
even though
I am not perfect
or even nice all the time.
I want to see recognition that this man is sexier
than the Hollywood stereotype.
This man is the one who holds my heart,
and that makes him even sexier.

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